For tier cakes, you may choose a different combination for each tier

*a small surcharge applies to premium and deluxe range flavors relative to the additional ingredients and time required


Serving size and how to cut your cake:


Serving size information

We have two different slice sizes at Dolcé – Coffee slice or party slice. All slices are roughly 1 by 2 inches. Party slices are the length of your cake meanwhile coffee slices are cut in half.

All quotes are quoted with coffee slices. Let us know if you prefer bigger portions.

Our team will guide you with the correct cake size once you let us know how many people you need to serve.


Standard Flavors

vanilla bean standard

A decadent vanilla sponge filled with a silky vanilla buttercream, sweet and simple. (Note: you can add fresh slices of strawberries or raspberries in the center for a kick of flavor)

Sweet As A Strawberry Standard

A sweet strawberry sponge covered with a strawberry jam buttercream.

Chocolate Decadence Standard

A moist fudgy chocolate sponge filled with a creamy chocolate buttercream.

Marble Standard

A dense swirl of vanilla and chocolate, filled with vanilla buttercream (*Can be swapped for chocolate buttercream upon request)

Red Velvet Standard

A classic red velvet cocoa sponge filled with cream cheese buttercream (can be swapped for vanilla buttercream upon request)

Lemon Standard

A light and tangy lemon infused sponge with a lemon buttercream (add a layer of lemon curd, raspberry jam, strawberry jam upon request)

Cookies And Crème Standard

A decadent vanilla sponge brushed with cookie milk and filled with a cookies and crème buttercream. Perfect for all Oreo lovers!

Biscoff Cookie Butter

A delicate spiced (nutmeg and cinnamon) sponge base filled with a Biscoff cookie butter buttercream and sprinkled with crunchy Biscoff cookie bits.

Premium Flavors

Nutella and Ferrero Rocher Premium

A decadent chocolate sponge filled with a creamy chocolate and Nutella buttercream and a Nutella loaded center sprinkled with roasted crushed hazelnuts and crushed Ferrero Rocher’s.

Chocolate Raspberry Jam Premium

A moist chocolate cake base with a lightly infused raspberry vanilla buttercream and filled with a raspberry jam center and shaved chocolate bits.

Mocha Latte Premium

A decadent chocolate sponge based filled with an espresso chocolate buttercream and an espresso chocolate ganache.

Strawberry Galore Premium

A sweet strawberry sponge covered with a strawberry buttercream and a strawberry jam center – sprinkled with slices of strawberries.

Deluxe Flavors

Almond Joy Dreams

An almond joy inspired cake. A milk chocolate sponge base, filled with a creamy milk chocolate buttercream, a milk chocolate ganache layer, topped with a sweet and chewy coconut and condensed milk filling, and topped with sprinkled almond slivers.

Tiramisu Lovin’

Your favorite desert in cake form- A soft vanilla sponge cake brushed with an espresso reduction syrup, filled with a creamy mascarpone and vanilla buttercream, layered with a mocha ganache and dusted with cocoa.

Cookies & Creme Cheesecake

Classic reinvented – a classic cookies and creme cake with a yummy twist. A white soft sponge brushed with cookies milk, filled with cookies and creme cheesecake buttercream and topped with a thin chocolate ganache layer.

Rocky Road

An ice cream favorite now in cake form. A rich chocolate sponge base filled with fluffy mini marshmallows, walnut and crunchy toffee bit ganache, all layered with a silky chocolate buttercream

Euro Surprise

A white chocolate raspberry sponge cake, filled with a European cookie crumble Creme (similar to graham crackers but better), a vanilla buttercream and layered with fresh raspberry bits.

* a small surcharge applies to premium and deluxe range flavours relative to the additional ingredients and time required

Mini Cakes & Cakesicles:

Mini Cakes

1/2 dozen minimum order per flavour

Vanilla Sponge, Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate Ganache Center

Vanilla Sponge, Cookies and Crème Buttercream, Optional: Chocolate Ganache or Salted Caramel Center

Vanilla Sponge, Strawberry Buttercream, Chocolate Ganache Center

Red Velvet Sponge, Cream Cheese Buttercream, Salted Caramel Center

Red Velvet Sponge, Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate Ganache Center

Chocolate Sponge, Vanilla Buttercream, Espresso Powder

Chocolate Sponge, Nutella Buttercream, Nutella Center

Chocolate Sponge, Chocolate Butter Cream, Chocolate Ganache Center

Strawberry Sponge, Cream Cheese Buttercream, Strawberry Jam Center

Strawberry Sponge, Vanilla or Strawberry Buttercream, Strawberry Jam Center


1 dozen minimum per order. 1/2 dozen per flavour

Vanilla bean dream

Cookie butter crunch

Peanut butter craze

Chocolate decadence

Oreo overload

Sweet as a strawberry

M&m minis

Almond amaretto

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